PerfectBlend Sample Screens

The following PerfectBlend screens are presented in the same order that one would expect to encounter them while running the program. Only the major screens are shown here, as there are several supporting screens that have not been included for the sake of brevity.

Figure 1. The Main Screen

The Main Screen allows easy access to target data or stockpile data. File options, printing options, configuration options, and of course the Blend option are all accessed from this screen.

Figure 2. The Configuration Screen

The Configuration Screen allows you to define each parameter according to your needs.

Figure 3. The Target Input Screen

The Target Input screen accepts data about your targets (or orders). Up to 100 targets may be entered. Most operations are done with the mouse, so very little keyboard input is needed throughout the program.

Figure 4. The Premium / Penalty Setup Screen

The Premium/Penalty Setup screen is an option available from the Target entry screen. This very flexible format will accomodate most premium/penalty calculations currently in use

Figure 5. The Stockpile Input Screen

The Stockpile Input screen accepts data about your stockpiles (or reserves). Up to 1000 stockpiles may be entered. If you have post-mining processes available (such as washing), that data is also entered here. Up to 3 processes may be entered for each stockpile.

Figure 6. The Freight Input Screen

The cost of moving a product from the stockpile location to the target location is entered in the Freight Input screen. PerfectBlend can then determine the most cost-effective blend including freight.

Figure 7. The Usage Exclusion Screen

The Usage Exclusion feature allows the user to control which stockpiles are used for which targets.

Figure 8. The Blended Results Screen

The Blended Results screen shows how many tons of which stockpiles are needed for each target. The answers are placed in a scrollable table that can display all 100 targets and all 1000 stockpiles in the same table. Clicking on a Target column pops up the Weighted Average screen (shown below). Clicking on a Stockpile row pops up the Stockpile Usage screen (shown immediately below). The results are color coded to aid in rapid assessment. The Print Reports option provides several reports that may be customized for each user.

Figure 9. The Stockpile Usage Screen

The Stockpile Usage screen pops-up with a single click of the mouse to summarize the usage of each stockpile. Any processed products are also shown in raw tons to verify that the stockpile has not been "over-consumed".

Figure 10. The Weighted Average Screen

The Weighted Average screen pops-up with a single click of the mouse to show the as-blended calculations for each target. Any parameter that has hit a min or max limit is displayed in red to gain your attention. Premiums and penalties are itemized on a parameter-by-parameter basis, along with a total adjustment being shown.


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