Weather Sponsor Information

JCI is proud to bring the first ever internet-based weather station to this area. Unlike many web-sites that offer weather links to weather stations hundreds of miles away, our data is collected from instruments located in Jasper and posted to the internet every 5 minutes. This page is sure to become heavily visited by the residents of Jasper and the surrounding area.

We are offering a very limited number of sponsorships to businesses of the Jasper area. A sponsor's banner will be displayed at the top of the Jasper Weather page, with each sponsor's banner displayed in rotation on each hit.

To see the effect, go to the Jasper Weather page by clicking on the graphic at the left, then click the Refresh button on your browser. You will see a different sponsor (and also get fresh weather data) on each Refresh click.

A sponsor's banner may be an animated graphic, and it may also be linked to the sponsor's web page. If you don't yet have a web page, we can help with that too.


Weather Station Features
Barometric Pressure
Wind Speed
Wind Direction
Updated every 5 minutes
Monthly and Annual graphs will be available
Sponsorship Features
This is the internet equivalent of calling Time & Temperature
Visitors are the most affluent members of the community
Many people have internet access at their office
Multiple daily visits likely, as information is constantly changing.
Many visitors will "Bookmark" the Weather page for frequent visits.
Visitors are local to this area, thus assuring that your message is reaching your potential customers
No competing sponsorships.
Sponsorships very limited, due to the no-compete policy.
Hot-link from your banner-ad to your web page.

For more information on this unique opportunity, contact Sam Voelkel at Jasper Communications, Inc. 812-482-1281.

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