StockRight Analyst

StockRight Analyst is the Excel Add-In configuration of StockRight. This configuration interfaces the very popular Excel spreadsheet program to the StockRight ActiveX DLL via an Excel Add-In. The user must simply put his inventory data into an Excel spreadsheet, then click on the StockRight Analyst tool to get a complete optimization and analysis of his inventory. Results of this optimization and analysis are placed into newly created worksheets within the same workbook as the original inventory data.

Complete documentation is available in a Adobe PDF file that you may view on-line with a left-click of your mouse, or may download for off-line viewing or printing with a right-click of your mouse. This documentation is the same as the HELP file that is included the actual software.

StockRight Analyst Documentation PDF

StockRight is available for download now! The free, unlicensed version is fully functional, but is restricted to 30 inventory items or less. The fully licensed version has no restrictions on the number of inventory items, other than Excel's limitation of 65536 rows per worksheet.

Download now and give it a try!

StockRight Analyst Software (version 7.2.01)

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