StockRight Configurations

StockRight is offered in a variety of software configurations in order to satisify a broad range of needs. Hopefully one of the following configurations will be just right for your situation.

Product Description Price

StockRight Analyst

Excel spreadsheet Add-In implementation of StockRight that has been interfaced to the StockRight ActiveX module. This product will analyze thousands of items at a time and has 21 pre-configured reports built in. Great flexibility is offered to the user on methods of getting his data imported (and the results exported), customized reports, etc. This configuration is ideal for consultants and other inventory specialists.

StockRight Analyst is available for download now!


StockRight Developer

ActiveX DLL contains the heart of StockRight ready to be implemented into your business software. By implementing StockRight directly into your system, the hassle of importing and exporting data are eliminated. Examples of implementation using Visual Basic and Access are included. Consultation services are also available.

This product is available now. Call for delivery details.



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