Supreme Network Service

The Supreme Network Service is a package of services available for organizations using Novell Netware computer systems. It is targeted to those installations that have less than 50 PCs networked, and do not have an on-site system administrator. By using the latest technologies, we remotely become your system administrator at a fraction of the price. Software installed at your site lets us monitor your network for critical problems, automatically generated E-Mail gives us nearly immediate notification of these problems, and a communications gateway allows us to correct most problems remotely. Our Supreme Network customers receive deep, deep discounts on labor rates, and special pricing on any hardware needed.

Features & Benefits of Supreme Network Service
Feature Benefit
Priority Service Should any problems arise, your computer network will receive service before any non-Supreme network.
Reduced Billing Rates Any time that we spend in your behalf must be billed of course, but you receive a hefty 75% discount on labor-related support.
Remote Access The Remote Access Gateway allows us to remotely support your network (and every user on your network) without expensive travel time. We utilize the latest in remote-access technology to resolve most software problems, and to guide your users through new applications.

Network security is always of concern. Our remote access system only allows us in when your staff enables remote access. As soon as we disconnect, your system automatically returns to a non-accessible mode. No doors are left open.

Telephone Support Telephone support is used, where appropriate, to assist your network users through tough problems. For our Supreme customers, we even bill in 1/10 hour increments, instead of the usual 1 hour minimum.
Pro-Active Maintainence Our network monitoring software automatically keeps us abrest of any technical problems that may be occuring on your network. This allows us to anticipate failures in many cases, and allows us to schedule repairs for a mutually convenient time. We eliminate most of the emergency repairs usually associated with computer systems. Panic is replaced with Planning.
Less Down Time Because of our Pro-Active Maintainence, you will have much less un-scheduled down time.
E-Mail Our system uses e-mail to deliver any alarm messages to our office. This is a fully functional e-mail system that may be used within your office, and with the proper gateways, can also be used to communicate with virtually any computer system in the world, including the internet. Several of our Supreme customers that installed e-mail simply to satisify the Supreme alarm requirements, now tell us that it has become the most popular and most heavily used application on their network.
Formal Support Agreement Many businesses have a stronger contract with the company that fertilizes their lawn than they do with the company that supports their computer network. We think that is silly too. Our Supreme contract specifies what we will do, how fast we will do it, and what it will cost. You get no surprises.
Predictable Costs Your supports costs are very predictable. This makes the Supreme Network Service ideal for those businesses that cannot tolerate "surprise expenses" and for organizations that must work within a budget.


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